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In-Betweenies: Installing a Flangeless Window in the Middle of a Thick Wall

July 04, 2016

Three videos covering the step by step process for flashing, installing, and airsealing an in-betweenie window in a Passive House Retrofit

You can watch all three videos in the playlist on this page (above), or you can explore them individually on the pages linked to below ...

Installing An In-Betweenie Window (1): Sill Pan Flashing


Flashing an In-Betweenie window is a lot like flashing an Innie or an Outie, only it is somewhere in between

Installing An In-Betweenie (2): Jamb And Head Flashing


With the sill pan flashed, Ben turns to flashing the jambs of a window opening in this passive house retrofit

In-Betweenie Window Install (3): Put The Window In The Hole

Installing-a window-in-betweenie.jpg

The final step: center it in the opening, and seal the perimeter

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