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Build a Bluetooth Jobsite Speaker

You are 20 bucks away from a speaker that rocks
November 23, 2023

Linn chooses a couple of pieces of cherry front and back and a couple of pieces of walnut for the sides, planning the pieces so the grain will match continuously.

The joinery for the front and back to the sides are dadoed, so the front and back are inset. The corners of the walnut sides are mitered together.

The box houses a speaker, which she picked up for free at a car stereo shop (it was an orphan), a switch, an indicator light (indicating on/off), and a BlueTooth amplifier.

Linn's parts list:

  • 4 x 6 Speaker - http://amzn.to/29HEZWN
  • Bluetooth Amp - http://amzn.to/29yqIxa
  • Switch - http://amzn.to/29GhS1M
  • LEDs - http://amzn.to/29ypXnW

Trace a hole for the speaker, drill holes in strategic spots, and cut out the hole. Linn uses a coping saw, but you can use a jigsaw if you want to.

Next, she makes a speaker grill from 1/4 inch MFD, cutting holes with Forstner bits and covering them with fabric.

The grill snaps in place with magnets.

Linn glues up the box, noting that if you do not live in Oregon, then you should probably only glue the miters, not the dadoes, as your wood will probably move, whereas her will probably not move much.

She makes little speaker feet with small blocks of cherry, whose edges are chamfered with a micro plane.

The box is finished with shellac and a coat of tung oil rubbed in with steel wool.

The electronics:

  • Power comes into the switch and splits. One part goes to the blue LED light, and the other goes to the amplifier.
  • The amplifier connects to the speaker.
  • Hot glue is used to secure the blue LED into the front, and the power plug into the back.
  • Screw the speaker into the box, pop on the grill, and test.
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