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A Carpenter's Journey to Craftsman in Germany

For three years and a day journeymen walk, work, and sleep under the stars
May 07, 2016

The tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, and it is alive and well in Germany. There are currently 500 so-called "journeymen" plying their trade on the road. These craftsmen gain experience for their trade on the road, a journey known as the "Walz".

Their traditional suits, large hats, and knapsacks stand out. This video, by Deutsche Welle, follows two carpenters on part of their journey, asking the question, "Why is the tradition still important?"

Journeymen get union wages and pay social security contributions. They must be single without children, and be free from debt. They either sleep at the house of the employer or sleep outside under the stars. Their only luggage is their knapsack.

And no cellphones.


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