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DIY Plywood Spiral Stairs: OMG

September 09, 2017
Read time: 1 min

A really simple template, a really repetitive process, and a lot of glue go into this not-so-weekend spiral staircase project

Each stair tread required a little more than a sheet of 3/4 furniture-grade plywood, which is cut on a CNC machine. A single stair tread takes about two hours to assemble, so the completed stairway took about three full days.

Download the drawings here.

The step by step on how to build a DIY spiral staircase

  • A three-inch schedule 40 steel pipe was welded to a steel plate and bolted to LVLs in the floor frame.
  • Ben glued the plywood to the steel pipe with construction adhesive and the plywood to the plywood with wood glue. He screwed it all together with three-inch finish screws
  • He also drove five-inch screws up through the layers, where two treads meet, so strengthen this potential weak spot.
  • To finish, he sanded the heck out of it and applied Minwax Polycrylic.


—Ben Uyeda is a designer, lecturer, and entrepreneur focusing on the field of affordable and sustainable design. This video treat is from HomeMadeModern, his YouTube channel.


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