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Final Four High-Performance Wall Challenge: Ecocor Panelized I-Joist Wall

July 21, 2020
Read time: 2 mins

This R-58 wall has I-joists screwed to the outside and dense-packed with cellulose. It is also one of the four best in 'BS and Beer' circles

There was recently a contest on Instagram for the most high-performing wall that was practical to build, and we at ProTradeCraft decided to make animations of the four finalists.

The first wall comes from Mike Maines, who submitted a panelized wall from a company he used to work with, Ecocor. 

  • The Ecocor wall begins with 2x4 framing, on 24-inch centers. The stud cavities are eventually filled with rock wool insulation.
  • ZIP System wall sheathing covers the framing to provide not only lateral support but also it is the primary air control layer. 
  • The seams are taped with Pro Clima Tescon Vana tape. Because this layer isn’t a water control layer, any tape will work, and while Pro Clima Tescon Vana tape is harder to say than ZIP, it is less expensive, so worth the mouthful. 
  • Now comes the fun part: screwing I-joists to the outside of the wall. The I-joists are capped with a strip of ZIP sheathing top and bottom before installing the exterior WRB and blowing the cavities full of cellulose.
  • The outer WRB is also from Pro Clima, called Solitex Mento Plus.
  • On the corner is a wide strip of ¾ inch subfloor that will plane out with ¾ in furring strips. Ecocor uses two layers of perpendicular strips to create 3-dimensional airflow and positive water drainage behind the siding that will be fastened to the furring strips.

And that is the first entry in the Final Four High-Performance Wall Challenge. Stay tuned for more of the four.


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