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Five Cabinet Installation Tips

May 04, 2015

A handful of tips that will speed your process, reduce mistakes, and yield a better-looking finished product

Jim Yingling and Paul Morales demonstrate a handful of tips that MARK IV Builders has incorporated into their workflow to speed the process, reduce mistakes, and yield a better-looking finished product.

TIP 1: Match tags to the writing on the wall

Write the cabinet numbers on the wall as you lay out the cabinets. As you unpack the cabinets, cut the tag from each cabinet box and place the tag inside the cabinet.

Match the tags to your notes on the wall to avoid errors.


TIP 2: Number the cabinets and doors

Taking off the doors during construction is a good way to protect them from damage and keep them out of your way.

But to speed the process of replacing them, MARK IV Builders numbers each door and its corresponding cabinet with painter's tape and a Sharpie.


Tip 3: Hide screws where the hinges are ...

To fasten upper cabinets together, pre-drill holes where they'll be hidden in plain sight.


TIP 4: Install full-height panels plumb and plumber

Full-height panels do more than just fill a space next to the refrigerator: They transfer the layout and direct subsequent accuracy of the kitchen install.

Make sure they are plumb in both directions: side-to-side to the cabinets and front-to-back to the wall.


TIP 5: Make screws look good while improving their performance

Stainless steel grommets prevent screws from pushing through the backs of cabinets and add a decorative look to exposed fasteners.

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