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Framing a Deep Roof Overhang on the Gable Ends

Deep overhangs need cantilevered support outlooks that tie into the roof framing
November 23, 2022

With the roof framed. You’re almost ready for sheathing. Before slapping down plywood, though, you need to frame the gable overhangs.

In another animation, we assembled a simple ladder-block overhang and nailed it through the wall sheathing into a rafter.

Subfascia ties together the bottom, and roof sheathing acts as a structural diaphragm above to form a torsion box of sorts.

This works great for small overhangs, but what if you want to upgrade to a deeper overhang? How is that framed?

Deep roof overhangs must tie into existing framing

It will be done with a similar ladder frame, but the system is a little more involved than blocking.

It involves notching the outermost rafter to accept 2x4 outlooks. The 3.5 x 1.5-inch notch should be spaced every two feet and placed to land where roof sheets will break.

2x4 outlooks should extend back to the second rafter and past the first one by whatever the overhang is minus the thickness of the subfascia.

Make sure to square up the outlooks before nailing them through the inner rafter. Nail through the face of the outlook into the notch of the outer rafter, and you’re ready for subfascia.

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