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Hillbilly Tool Hack: A Homemade Shingle Stripping Tool

October 27, 2015

Another use for your broken shovels

On a vacation along the Maine Coast, we ran into an old friend stripping a roof on an old house. So we stopped, climbed up on the roof and started rolling. here's the first in a series of roofing videos.


Opening up the Hillbilly toolbox today we find a shingle stripping tool, which is a modified broken shovel that has been hacked up with a sawzall which makes quick work of an old roof.

Lynn swears up and down that he did not invent this tool because he is too cheap to buy a Shin-Go. Rather he claims it is a slightly better modification of of what’s available off the rack at building centers.

He points out that often with a long-handled tool, you’re limited by what’s below the work surface, like the porch roof that he is kneeling on. This limits the amount of work you can do and forces you into strange contortions.

—Lynn Hayward, is a remodeler in Northport Maine.

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