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How to Cut a Huge Hunk of Granite

26,000 lbs of granite cut with a 2 lb. hammer in 1 hour, condensed into a 10 minute video
June 30, 2018
Read time: 1 min

Granite has been used as a foundation material in Maine for as long as they have been making foundations in Maine. Partly because it looks great, but mostly because there is so much of it, it is so hard and durable, and (probably not) because it is fun to cut.

Denis Carter, of Deer Isle Hostel shows us how they've been cutting granite on Deer Isle since the 19th century. He uses wedges with wings to slowly crack the stone.

The rule is usually to break it into two parts of equal mass, as he does here. As you whack the pegs, you can hear different pitches, pings, groans, and pops from within.

If the video isn't cool enough, the voiceover track is an excellent example of an authentic Maine accent. (you're welcome).

Have a good weekend.


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