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How to Install Pan Flashing With Stretchable Tape

May 10, 2015

The easy way to install a peel and stick pan flashing: with tape that stretches in three dimensions


David: We like to install windows over a sloped sill ...

Dan: ... and then they use some sort of flashing tape to protect the sill plate. In this video, we’re going to focus on using a stretchable tape. John starts at one end—folding it up the jack studs about 2 inches—and works his way to the other end ... making sure to wedge it tightly into the corners.

David: "On this, we have a pan flashing, but we also need another flashing that will go out over our foam afterward."

Dan: Because the stretchable tape doesn’t have a split release paper, they stick another section of flashing tape to the exposed sticky edge so that it will span the exterior foam.

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