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KOBALT Tools 24V Max Driver/Drill Review (Including the Hammer Drill)

Is the Kobalt Max hammer drill better than XTR?
February 21, 2023

Where do these 24-volt cordless tools fit in the official Kobalt 24-volt tool lineup? The first-generation 24-volt cordless tools are a few years old, and an upgraded XTR line came out last year. This generation is a clear replacement for the Gen1 tools and a second option to the XTR cordless tools.

Let's look a little closer at why.

Lighter and more compact than the older version

The new 24-volt cordless driver/drills are a little over seven inches "from tip to tail," whereas the older Gen1 version was 8 inches. Both the drill and hammer drill is a few ounces lighter, too.

The drill speed is about the same as the Gen1 24-volt drills, 500 and 2,000 rpm, but the power is substantially higher.

The new driver/drills have 850 inch-pounds of torque compared to 650 inch-pounds, a 25% improvement.

Higher impact rate on the hammer drill

The third-generation 24-volt cordless Kobalt hammer drills whack out 32,000 blows-per-minute compared to 26,000 from the OG 24-volt hammer drills—another significant increase.

A separate clutch collar is a welcome feature on the hammer drill. Both have all-metal 1/2-inch chucks made by Jacobs.

What's the bottom line thinking on these driver/drills?

Do you need the additional torque that XTR models have? 1200 is more than 850, but is it that much more? Sorry to answer two questions with a third, but hey, I'm just getting warmed up.

Why even ask three questions when the answer is "Maybe?"

The answer is "Maybe."

It wasn't long ago that 850 inch-pounds was the highest torque available on professional tools, and it was plenty of power to do great work. So, yes, 1200 is more than 850, but it is most likely not needed.

The current price will probably change before you read this, but...

As of this "printing," there are two options to buy, neither one really sufficient, but here we go.

  • A kit with the drill driver, a charger, a 2-amp-hour battery, and a bag to carry them in for $139
  • Hammer drill available only as a bare tool for $129

Most likely, other combinations and options will open up in the Lowe's tool corral.

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