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Protec Roofing Underlayment Installation Demo at 2019 IBS Show Village

January 23, 2020

Slip-proof roofing underlayment: even when walking on sawdust and water

On the second day of demonstrations at the ProTradeCraft demonstration House, we began with the roof section.

Before underlayment comes edge membrane and roof-to-wall membrane. One nice little upgrade for places with ice dams or sideways rain is to fold the flashing membrane onto the subfascia.

In this demo, we installed Protec 200 from the makers of Tyvek.

Typically, you nail off the bottom edge and tack the top edge because the next course nails will take care of the top, but at the demo house, we nailed off the top now because he had a trick to show us.

The top and bottom should have a fastener every 12 inches, and the middle of the sheet should have a fastener every 24 inches.

Now here comes the trick. Anyone who has ever stepped on sawdust when on a roof knows precisely how quickly the heart attack starts.

This underlayment stops that.

He also pours water on it and invites builders from the crowd to take a stroll.

Now that the first course is all saw-dusted and watered, it’s time to get back to work drying in this roof.

—This video is part of a series of videos shot at the 2019 International Builders' Show in the Professional Builder Show Village onstage at ProTradeCraft's Demonstration House. See all of the videos here.

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