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ProTradeCraft LIVE: Install a Ductless Minisplit Unit in a Ceiling

July 08, 2020

Ceiling-mounted units practically disappear while delivering energy-efficient heating and cooling

At the ProTradeCraft Demo stage, we installed a Mitsubishi ductless minisplit in the ceiling.

The minisplit can be retrofit into existing ceilings or installed in new ones. Chad Gillespie explained the process while David and Calvin executed it.

"If you want to put one in several different rooms and keep those at different temperatures, that's very easy to do. So, they're extremely flexible. With this unit, it's a little different than our other units in that it doesn't attach to studs to a wall plate."

The unit slips into existing, 16-inch on-center framing. The box hangs from blocks of framing lumber and all-thread.

A face panel with climate controls pops into the front and is held in place with small screws. The face panel is paintable so that it can blend in with the ceiling, but Chad also suggests placing it NOT in a focal point.

We also recommend where to place these is probably important. If you're walking into a living room, you probably don't want to put it on the focal wall. You want to put it on a sidewall and optimize the airflow versus putting it on the focal wall, which is right as you walk into the room.

So, once our customers get them in their houses, most tell us they they actually forget they're there. As we have gotten ductless minisplits into the mainstream over the last ten years, we get a lot more acceptance it belongs.

There are a lot of problems these little units can solve, and we are eager to install one in the real world.

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