REEL Remodeling: Support a Foundation Without a Footing (#shorts)

May 15, 2023

Digging down below the bottom of a foundation wall is risky without adding structural support

All right, so we have a unique condition here. This foundation has no footing at all. In order for us to lower the basement floor, we've got to build a structural curb. That's this piece.

We've got some fabric over the earth, which is dug at a 45-degree slope. This allows the foundation to stay stable. Then, we have the curb filled with rebar that comes out into the slab.

This structural slab is going to hold up the curb, which is going to hold up the foundation. So, it's one big structural assembly.


—This short, starring Michael Anschel, of OA Design + Build + Architecture, was extracted from Season2 of Building Resilience, which is COMING SOON!


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