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Remove Dryvit "Stucco" (EIFS) Like A BOSS

A magnet, "little Thor," a short piece of pipe, and a little patience eliminate a HUGE cleanup
May 17, 2021

Matt Jackson is at it again with an impromptu jobsite video illustrating one aspect of what makes him a master of his craft: Thinking ahead, solving problems before they crop up, and working efficiently.

EIFS, or Exterior Insulating Finish System, is an insulating exterior cladding that mimics the look of stucco. It consists of a layer of Expanded polystyrene (EPS), or the white 'beadboard' styrofoam that inexpensive beer coolers and coffee cups are made with. The foam is held in place with screws and washers and is coated with an exterior finish that is about 1/4-inch thick.

You could wedge prybars between the foam and the wall sheathing, and that will get the EIFS off the wall, but it will create a huge mess. And if it is a windy day, your mess will scatter throughout the neighborhood.

Fortunately for us, Matt has devised a quick and clean method that will make you look like the building professional that we all know \you are.

The system begins with a Rack-a-Tier's stud ball magnet. Matt uses the magnet to locate the screws and marks them with a Sharpie. To uncover the screw head, he breaks out Little Thor, his mini sledgehammer, and a coupling for a black pipe, probably about a 1-1/4 in coupling. He places the coupling over the Sharpie dot and whacks the coupling with Lil Thor. This compresses the foam, but not the screw, breaking off the surface Dryvit, exposing the screw head.

Now, back out the screw with a screw gun.

To surgically confine the demo to a small space, use a multitool with an abrasive disc cutter to keep a clean edge.

If the wedges are caulked, cut the caulk with a knife before removing the panel to reduce EPS litter.

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