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Replace An Entry Door, Part 2: Install New Door, Install Trim

Installing the snap-in exterior trim on the entry door can account for an out-of-plumb wall
May 30, 2022

OK, last time, I removed this old door and prepped the opening for this shiny new one, built with Endura Products’ FusionFrame door jamb in a local millwork shop.

Installation steps for a new entry door

I’m pretty sure I test-fit the door into the opening before applying this caulk. If not, I got lucky. Either way, you should. After verifying that the door will fit into the opening smoothly, apply three beads of caulk on the sill per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Endura recommends leaving the head casing on the door unit as a way to register where the door should sit in the opening quickly, and their theory seems to hold up.

With the top tight, adjust the bottom to register plumb using the built-in jamb level. This ensures that the door will swing and seal properly.

The return leg of the removable trim compensates if the wall is slightly out-of-plumb, so install the door plumb to make sure it operates properly.

With the door sitting plumb, drive a screw through the top of the door jamb.

Because I have two inches of foam on the outside of the house, the existing holes did not line up with solid framing, so I had to drill new ones.

Don’t sink the screw; just set it snuggly.

Do the same on the bottom and double-check that the door is still plumb.

Snug up the middle of the jamb and shim all of the snug screws tight, checking the edges on the inside to make sure the door is centered in the frame.

Flash the entry door jamb to the weather barrier

After snapping off the excess shims, snap the jamb cover back on to completely hide the fasteners.

The outer edge slips over the jamb track, and the inner edge snaps into a groove.

Here, I tap it in with a little rubber mallet. To prevent marring the finish, I slipped a baggie over the mallet head.

Before installing the casing, I use flashing tape to seal the jamb to the face of the styrofoam for an air and water seal. To get the length, I stick the bottom corner in place, stretch the tape and cut it at the top.

Peel the backing paper from the flashing tape and stick it to the jamb. Keep it on the wood section of the jamb, and tool the tape into the substrate.

Now it’s time to remove the head casing so the head can be sealed with flashing tape, so I slide the casing off and slip the backing block out.

The head flashing tape should cover the jamb tape.

Install the snap-in exterior trim on the entry door

Now I snap the trim backing into the grooves and screw it into the wall.

I fold back the Drainvent rainscreen and tack it in place before installing that last backing block and then snapping in the casing.

I install the head casing first, then snap in the jamb casings.

At the end of the day, Endura’s FusionFrame system installs quickly and easily and has a lot of great built-in features.


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