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The Right Way (and a wrong one) To Flash a Dryer Vent

August 31, 2016
Read time: 2 mins

Holes in walls amount to big walls full of holes unless you seal the hole after you make it


Two things that every trade contractor has in common:

  1. They are equipped with a knife or saw of some sort.
  2. They are not afraid to use it.

Unfortunately, many are equipped with the tools (or inclination) to seal up the holes they cut. Such is the case with this dryer vent in a video by Home Innovation Labs ...


What's wrong with this picture?

  • The flashing panel is crooked
  • Flashing tape is not used
  • The housewrap is finished poorly. 


How to fix it:

  • Remove the HVAC ductwork
  • Cut a slit in the housewrap above the hole using a prefabricated flashing panel as a cutting guide.
  • Install flashing panel overlapping housewrap in the sides and bottom, and tucking the top behind the house wrap.
  • Insert the duct and vent cap and fasten.
  • Tape the sides of the panel to the house wrap

If you cut holes in the envelope, learn how to seal them properly. And then do it.





Home Innovation Labs is dedicated to improving the quality, durability, affordability, and environmental performance of homes and home building products. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the NAHB, Home Innovation Labs helps to eliminate barriers to innovation in the residential construction industry through research and testing in their labs in Upper Marlboro, MD