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Roll-Out Cabinet for Corner Storage

October 12, 2016

Heavy-duty drawer hardware and a simple cabinet turns a blind corner into roll-out storage

In this video, Sandra Powell builds a couple of cabinets in fast motion. These cabinets fill the space below the angled cabinets that we featured a few months ago.

The two cabinets are built from 1/2 inch pre-finished plywood. She used a track saw to break down the sheets, and a stacked dado blade to cut 1/2 inch slots for the drawer bottom and fixed shelf.

The cabinets will ride on Blum drawer hardware, so she builds the boxes like tall drawers, removing 1/2 inch notches for the locking mechanism from the bottom on the side and back pieces.

The box is screwed together without regard for visible fasteners, because none of the fasteners will be visible.

Next, Sandra installs the drawer glides and locking mechanisms, and voilà—the unit glides out of the main cabinet providing easy access to hidden storage.

An afterthought from Sandra:

"I do not know why I did not put a top on this thing.

I thought it would be easier to get into it without a top but that makes NO sense at all since the thing is UNDER a countertop.


—Sandra Powell, aka Sawdust Girl, is a woodworker, remodeler, and carpentry mentor.

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