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Rot-free Stone Veneer

January 28, 2016

Masonry veneers must have drainage behind them or walls can rot

In this video, Jonathan Fishbeck, CEO of BuilderFish, explains the anatomy oftheir masonry veneer walls that won't trap water and cause rot.


Believe it or not water can get behind a stone wall. So how do we handle that?

We have to have a constant flow of air in order to create a dry assembly for a lifetime.

We do that using a number of things.

We have a 516 mm rainscreen here on the entire wall assembly along with a 60-minute building paper.

All the water that gets in to the assembly is able to weep out through a waffle vent below.

What's different is that most builders will simply pack the stone tight to the assembly, creating no airflow, and then having rot occur later on in life for the home.

BuilderFish (Fine Innovative Sustainable Homes) specializes in private service of estates and dream homes in Northern Virginia.

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