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Scribing Tips for Fitting Wood to Bricks

Putty and paint make a carpenter what (s)he ain't, and knowing how to scribe makes a carpenter who doesn't need excuses...
February 11, 2019

When Installing a cabinet or other piece of woodwork to a brick wall, you can either put up with the gaps or do away with them. Most finish carpenters choose to do away with them by scribing the wood to the brick.

In this video, Jonathan walks us through his method for mating wood with brick.

Step by step for scribing wood to brick:

  • Bevel the edge to 45 degrees on a tablesaw. This angle makes it easier to cut the scribe and to adjust with sandpaper if needed.
  • Adjust a compass so that it will not rub on the brick while scribing mortar. You may need to try a couple of test passes.
  • Use a slow, steady, consistent motion to scribe a dark line on the face of the wood.
  • Cut the line with a jigsaw. If you cut the outside of the line, you can adjust the fit with sandpaper, though Jonathan doesn't talk about this.
  • Clean up the edge with a sanding sponge.
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