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Sheet Metal Secrets: Drip Edge Flashing (jobsite origami)

How to bend a lock-hem drip edge on a sheet metal brake
January 17, 2018

Ben Bogie walks us through the process of bending drip edge, a really short piece of roof flashing, which he will use on the flat cornice returns of the New England-style cottage he is building.

Step by step to drip edge:

  • Make a 5/8 inch closed hem for the bottom of the drip edge.
  • The dimension for the drip edge is 3 inches, so he sets his combination square to 3 inches and marks each end.
  • Bend up 90 degrees
  • Flip the flashing, measure 1 inch from the bend for the lock hem
  • Bend up, all the way and hem it.

Tip: to improve the flashing's ability to kick water away, bend the bottom hem 45 degrees away from the vertical surface. You can learn more about why by reading When Drip Edge Becomes A Double Agent.

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