Stabilizing a Bowing Foundation Wall with GeoLock Anchors

August 22, 2016


Long rods, a BIG drill, oversize washers, and an enormous wrench unbuckle a badly bowed wall. Notice the lack of 'excavator' on the list?


This block wall foundation was bowing in and creating cracks within the joints between the blocks. Soils on the exterior were shifting and pushing the wall inwards on two adjoining sides. There are several different methods available to solve such a problem, and this video highlights one of those applications.

To address the issue, we installed GeoLock Anchors, which are heavy duty steel plates/anchors. One anchor is installed on the inside of the foundation wall, and the other is inserted into the ground on the exterior.

The two anchors are joined together by a steel rod installed between them, essentially creating a giant clamp or pinching action.

For this particular situation, we were able to move the wall back an inch or more.

The block wall is now completely stabilized and will be unable to bow in any further. The homeowner was also provided with a high torque wrench which fits the bolt on the inside of the foundation.

This allows them to tighten the anchor over time should it ever become loose.


—Niles Erikson works with Erickson Construction and Erikson Foundation Supportworks in Hudson, NH