Stain Concrete the Easy Way: ÜberPrimer

September 8, 2015


A special primer that allows you to stain painted surfaces, plastic concrete, etc. with ordinary wood stain.



Today I have a really cool project. I'm going to change my existing concrete patio and stain it to look like wood.

I put a pattern on it 16 years ago, and it looksed great, but I didn't recoat the clear coat, and you're supposed to do that every couple of years, and now its starting to peel. It's looking really dull and I wanted to do something neat with it, so when I came across this stainable primer, Bingo! that was it for me.


To Prep:
  • I pressure washed it and let it sit for a couple of weeks
  • Next, clean it with Simple Green, TSP, or simillar. make sure to get all of the soap off.
  • Let it dry for a couple of days to get all moisture ouyt
  • Sweep it off well.


Apply the primer:
  • Apply with a roller and brush for cutting in the edges
  • For a smnooth surface, brush out the roller pattern. This surface is already rough, so the pattern of the floor is the direction of the 'wood.'
  • Let dry for at least 1 hour
  • Use a Sharpie to draw lines for the 'board' widths — alternating 6 inch and 8 inch boards. (Straighter boards are better)
  • Use the previous board as a 'fence' foir the next board to speed the process and eliminate the need to keep mlining up boards with Sharpie lines.
  • Draw fake butt joints on wide and skinny boards.
  • Measure from the far end to the workpiece every so often to make sure that the lines remain paralell. Fudge the lines if you need to: "It's not perfect, its wood."
  • Apply Rustomleum Dark Walnut stain with a roller in three foot sections and immediately remove with clean rags.
  • Apply clear coat of Fixall with a roller (Wooster candy-strip roller made for enamels and urethanes. Fixall is made for concrete surfaces and is known as a Hot sealer, meaninf that there is a lot of Xylol — wear a respirator.


—Paul Ricalde is a home improvement contractor and fireman in New Orleans, LA. His YouTube channel is rich with construction/remodeling videos.