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Think About Batts When Running Electrical Cable

November 04, 2018

Your electrician can make the insulation work better and easier to install

To eliminate one of the tricky parts of installing batt insulation, eliminate the need to split the batt around the sheathed cable. Rather than letting the electrician install wire at whatever height she wants, Ben Bogie specifies the height to be 47 inches above the bottom plate. It is not an arbitrary number, though, it is the height of the rock wool batts that will be installed in the stud bays.

Now, when they install the batts, they can put one under the wire and one over. Even if the electrician is off by an inch, you'll only need to split the top (or bottom) of a batt rather than the bottom 18 inches.

It is also easier to drill a hole through every stud in the house at a height that allows you to stand up, rather than bend over.

—This tip was collected onsite at Professional Remodeler's 2017 Model Remodel project in southern Connecticut.

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