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Totally Portable Woodworking Setup. Amazing.

April 16, 2016

A man, a plan, and some Baltic birch plywood becomes a stand-alone portable woodworking shop.

  • The Man: Susso Caamanho, Luthier
  • The Plan: Make us jealous by building something way cooler than we could even imagine
  • The Baltic birch: Plentiful, it appears

The workstation has three main functions: table saw, router table, and scroll saw. It is made by mounting a circular saw, router, and jigsaw into a well-thought-out box. The sides fold up to become wing extensions for the table. Closed, the table provides storage for all of the parts that slide or bolt-on.

To demonstrate the workstation, Susso makes a shop drawer out of some old tongue and groove pine flooring.

  • Using a crosscut sled, he squares the ends and cuts them to length.
  • Using a homemade fence, he rips the boards to width. Adjusting the blade height, he cuts rabbets on the edges.
  • The (homemade) miter gauge is for cutting angles.
  • Removing the throat plate allows him to tilt the blade to cut miters.
  • Jigsaw guide steadies the blade, making it like a scroll saw. He cuts a curve from the drawer front to act as the handle.
  • The built-in adjustable router table (it is really more like a laminate trimmer) allows edge shaping with a roundover bit.
  • Miter channels in the table saw and router section allows miter gages to glide freely.
  • A top-mounted bearing, over the router bit, allows smooth shaping on irregular shapes without a fence.
  • The router also tilts. In case you were wondering.

He cuts some plywood on the tablesaw, glues up the drawer, adds casters to the bottom, and slides it under his workbench.

If that's not enough, Susso demonstrates two ways to make tenons on this contraption:

  1. With the jigsaw
  2. With the table saw and tenoning jig

Did we also mention that the crosscut sled is adjustable? Of course it is.

Bonus: He then demonstrates hie box-joint jig. And shows off his homemade feather boards.

Want to make one? We've got you covered.

How Susu made the workstation:


—Suso Caamanho is a Luthier and woodworker in Galiza, Spain. His YouTube channel,Paoson WoodWorking, has more good videos to binge watch.


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