Video Treat: Finnish Axe Men Build A Traditional Log Cabin—Windows and All

January 23, 2016

But let me ax you this—how do they keep 'em sharp?

It is amazing how much carpentry you can do with an ax (I used to work with a framer who used an ax, but his chops were much more 'rough' than these guys). 


Attention to air sealing and insulating

  • Sill seal, log chinking, window air sealing with what looks like moss or fake beard hair but is actually oakum.
  • Ventilated hygric buffer crawl space with birch bark vapor retarder and sawdust insulation. Absorb and release.


Tool tip: easily removable (and flipped) flared ax handle makes skinning the walls NOT a knuckle-buster.

Finnish floor (sorry) and subfloor are the same layer. No tongue and groove, peg and mortise.


As you may have noticed by now, this video is not in English, and there are limited subtitles. To me it is fun to watch anyway, what surprises me is how much they get done before they break for soup, bread, and fish. Right?

We hope you like this Video Treat.