Video Treat: Master Stone Mason Who Built 'em Like They Used To

July 25, 2015


Dany, a master stonemason shows how he cuts the stone that was used for churches in the middle ages in France. 

The most important thing is to do good work in a beautiful place says Dany ... the people aren't important.

In the comments section of the youtube page is a note from the person who posted this video:

Dany had a very bad motorcycle accident before I met him. He was a gentle giant who never complained and he passed not more than a couple of months after finishing the calade. A great man in his way.  Sincerely, Richard
Richard Goodwin 2 years ago


The translation is a little choppy, but the video footage is almost all you need to understand how skilled this craftsman was at carving and building with stone.

Thanks for sharing, Richard.