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Video Treat: Master Stone Mason Who Built 'em Like They Used To

Stone masonry In the middle ages, that is ...
July 25, 2015

This traditional stone mason's house is a testament to his deep respect for the stone and its historical significance. It is built in the traditional dry stone and mortar technique, showcasing expert craftsmanship.

Traditional stone masonry highlights

  • Danny's house is constructed using the dry stone and mortar technique, showcasing a high level of skill and respect for the historical significance of stone.
  • The technique, handed down through generations, involves placing stones without the use of cement or mortar.
  • The play of light and sun on the stones brings them to life, highlighting their natural beauty and blending harmoniously with the countryside.
  • The house is a symbol of Danny's dedication to preserving the heritage of the village of Sevilla.
  • The village is home to a couple whose resting place is marked by a meaningful tomb made of stones.
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