Video Treat: New Sliding Table Saw

July 18, 2015


For all of us who have never had the pleasure of buying and unpacking a new sliding table saw, this weekend video treat is for you.


The saw is a K3 Basic from Hammer.

It costs 3,600 Euros, which translates into about $4,000 US. This kerl must be pretty serious about woodworking.

You pick a base model and choose the options, then Hammer gives you a price and then they build it for you. The saw is assembled, tested, and adjusted in the factory, then shipped to you, ready to go.

It is up to you, your friends, and your beer budget to get it out of the truck and into the basement.



What comes with the table saw?
  • Lots of blue plastic to peel off!
  • 4hp motor (5.5hp optional)
  • Sliding table that locks in place and supports a lot of weight (at least it supports Marius while sliding).
  • Adjustable fence in five directions (side to side, front to back, and rotational)
  • Cast iron table and non-cast iron extension table
  • Easy blade access with removable cover which cuts the power when removed. There is no way to turn on the saw while you’re changing blades
  • Cutting capacity is just over 4 inches, which means you can rip 4x4 posts
  • Awesome miter gauge that mounts into the sliding table with a (micro adjustable) flip-up 90 degree positive stop
  • Small extension table 
After looking at the saw, Marius makes some sawdust:
  • Ripping and cross-cutting a four inch piece of oak
  • Repeatable cross cuts on a smaller piece of oak
  • Ripping and cross cutting a plywood panel


— Marius Hornberger works in a little basement shop on woodworking, making homemade machines, wood-turning, making jigs, and more. His YouTube channel is full of good stuff.