Yeah, But... Is it Resilient? Building Resilience, the Final Episode

January 22, 2021

A checklist of resilient design all rolled into one home and one heck of a long video

Last time on Building Resilience we wrapped up construction and wondered if what we did really qualifies as resilient construction.

Fortunately, there’s a benchmark that we can use to see how we stack up. And that’s what we’re covering in this episode, using the Resilient Design Institute’s Ten Resilient Design Principles as a guide.

1/ Resilience transcends scales.

2/ Resilient systems provide for basic human needs.

3/ Diverse and redundant systems are inherently more resilient.

4/ Simple, passive, and flexible systems are more resilient.

5/ Durability strengthens resilience.

6/ Locally available, renewable, or reclaimed resources are more resilient.

7/ Resilience anticipates interruptions and a dynamic future.

8/ Find and promote resilience in nature.

9/ Social equity and community contribute to resilience.

10/ Resilience is not absolute.


And there we go. one year after filming began, the show is wrapped. Watch all of the episodes of Building Resilience.

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