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Yet Another Way To Install Full-Extension Drawer Slides Perfectly

Install the slides first, and build the box to fit
March 22, 2021
Read time: 2 mins

Install the slides first, and build the box to fit

This method is one we have not seen yet here at ProTradeCraft, so we thought we'd pass it on.

Here is Ana White's method for perfectly-fitting drawers and drawer slides:

  • Fir out the sides to be flush with the inside face of the face frame.
  • Mark a level line where the drawer slide will be.
  • The level line corresponds to the screw holes, not the top or bottom of the drawer slide.
  • Install the portion of the drawer slide that attaches to the cabinet.
  • Cut the drawer sides to whatever dimension is listed on the drawer slide package, 14-inches in this case.
  • Hold the drawer side in place to gauge where you want it.
  • Draw a center screw line on the drawer side and install the drawer slide on the line. Tip: use the holes that allow vertical movement to make sure the slides are dialed-in to the sides.
  • Install both drawer sides and push them into the cabinet.
  • Measure front and back between the drawer sides. Hopefully, you’ll get the same number. If not, use the smaller number.
  • Cut the front and back of the drawer and either pocket-screw or face-screw into the sides.
  • Test drive the drawer box before adding the bottom.
  • Cut the bottom square so you can use it to keep the box from racking.
  • Fasten the bottom to the box with glue and nails or screws.

Perfect drawer first time, every time.

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