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Window Installation in Germany using Compressed Foam Tape

December 19, 2015
Read time: 2 mins


Installing German windows in a masonry block building with beautiful copper roofing details.


Step-by-step (as near as we can tell):

  • First they remove the sash and shipping straps.
  • Next, they apply expanding foam tape to the outside jambs and head.
  • Set the window frame into the opening using a jig to place it the correct (and consistent) depth in the opening and blocks to shim it level.
  • With the base level, they plumb and square the frame.
  • Holes are drilled through the jamb into the masonry block. the hole is reamed as a countersink for the masonry screw that goes in next.
  • The clamps are removed and an air barrier/vapor open tape is applied to the bottom of the window. It s sealed to the masonry sill with adhesive.
  • An expanding foam is sprayed into the gap between the masonry sill and the window sill.
  • An air barrier/vapor open tape is applied to the inside bottom of the window and the material is bedded in adhesive caulk.
  • The exterior sill is preformed and applied next. It screws into the window sill.
  • The sash are reinstalled and the hardware checked/adjusted
  • On to the next window.


Editor's note: If any of you speak German and can clarify some of the product selections, please comment; I will update the text.




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