Dan Morrison | January 31, 2017

Jobsite Handbook // WRB, Flashing

WRB and House Wrap Installation Guide

House wraps and weather barriers can play a critical role in a high performance wall assembly. In fact, the WRB is a BFD


Details: Scope of Work

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Weather Barrier #DoneRight

Weather Barriers done right means weather barriers that go to work on more than just sunny days

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Window and WRB: Integration Keeps Water Out of Walls

Sealing the layers—and overlapping them right—is how high performance building gets done

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Airtight Walls—Housewrap and Sheathing as an Air Barrier

A tight air barrier is the best way to build an energy-efficient house. Outside the sheathing are many chances to make it better.

VIDEO: Jobsite KnowHow

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How to Flash a Window Opening with Housewrap

Integrate the window with the house wrap, and the house wrap with the wall for an airtight, watertight window installation

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The Right Way (and a wrong one) To Flash a Dryer Vent

Holes in walls amount to big walls full of holes unless you seal the hole after you make it

Video // WRB, Flashing

Installing an In-Betweenie (2): Jamb and Head Flashing

With the sill pan flashed, Ben turns to flashing the jambs of a window opening in this passive house retrofit

ARTICLE: Background Research

Article // WRB, Flashing, Insulation, Air Sealing

How To Install House Wrap #TheRightWay

Counting down the top 15 pages of 2016. This one is #2. Stop rot with house wrap



  • 2009 IECC: Table 402.4.2 Air Barrier and Insulation Inspection Component Criteria
  • 2012 IECC: Table R402.4.1.1 Air Barrier and Insulation Installation




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