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2015 Essential Videos and Articles at ProTradeCraft

December 28, 2015

The most watched, read, and explored content from ProTradeCraft's first six months: videos, articles photo collections and animated details

Top Ten Pages:

  1. How to Cut Holes in Drywall for Electrical Boxes
    A couple of tools and some techniques on cutting clean electrical work boxes every time
  2. How to Insulate Old Masonry Buildings Without Causing Water Problems
    Letting the brick dry evenly is the key for old masonry walls that want to leak less energy
  3. Kitchen Exhaust Best Practices
    Range hoods need to do more than sit there and look pretty: they are a key player in the mechanical system
  4. A Tool Trailer that is All Buttoned Up
    For the carpenter who has everything, and needs a place to put it.
  5. A Warm and Dry Basement Slab
    A four dimensional detail drawing of an insulated and damp-resistant basement slab
  6. Tile Waterproofing for Cement Backer Board
    Retiling a tub surround is a common remodeling project because tubs have a track record for quitting early
  7. Shop-Made Kitchen Cabinet Boxes
    Kitchen cabinet carcasses are just four-sided cubes made with plywood and simple joinery. Repetition is the name of this game.
  8. 'Scribing' Tip: Notch it With a Multitool
    How to make a tight joint without scribing: notch it
  9. FIELD TRIP: A Peel-Away Peek at High Performance Walls
    Modesty is overrated
  10. Framing Tip: Take the Guesswork out of Hanging Cabinets
    Wall cabinets have a quiet and important job: Hold a lot of glassware and ceramics up in the air. Do not peel away from the wall and come crashing down—just sit there and look pretty.

Seven Most Popular Sponsor Content Pages

  1. How to Bend a Window Casing w/ a Built-in J-Channel
  2. How to Bend an Outside Corner for Vinyl Siding
  3. Three Ways to Wire a Panasonic WhisperGreen Select Exhaust Fan
  4. Choose the Right Ventilation Strategy
  5. How to Install Foundry Vinyl Siding
  6. WhisperGreen Select™ Fan Installation
  7. How to Tune up a Sheet Metal Brake

Top five Construction topics:

  1. HVAC and Mechanicals
  2. Trimwork and cabinetry
  3. Windows, Doors, and Skylights
  4. Siding and Exterior Trim
  5. Kitchens and Baths

Top three content types:

  1. Video
  2. Photos
  3. Details

Most downloaded PDF:

  1. HVAC Inspection Checklist

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