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Live Demos in Boston at ABX

November 15, 2016

Flashing and installing an outie at ABX Live

Hands-on training with local pros

ProTradeCraft hosted a Demo Stage area at ABX from Nov 15-17— the #ConstructionTrainingZone. There is no substitute for seeing the real thing, in person, and asking questions of the experts.

David Joyce and his lead carpenter Calvin Cutts demonstrated how to detail thick exterior insulation, two ways to install windows in the thick walls, prepping the walls for siding, and framing an airtight interior dropped soffit.

Pros, cons, cost, and quirks of each method were covered before, during, and after the demos.

Flash and Install an Innie:

Flash and Install an Outie:

  • Demo highlights:

    • Bottom strip of foam under windows

    • Window buck installation

    • Wide stretch tape pan flashing and jambs

    • Window install

    • Tape the flanges

    • Second layer of foam

Sealing the Layers and Innie Window TrimOut

  • Demo highlights:

    • Tape window perimeter

    • Tape seams

    • Tape corner

    • Tape roof/wall seam

    • Furring strips

    • Pre-made extension-jambs

  • Demo:

    • Cut hole in wall with hole saw

    • Install vent outlet in wall.

    • Seal joint between top plates, install drywall strips on walls

    • Run bead of caulk on face of drywall, screw soffit ledger through drywall into studs.

    • Assemble remaining soffit piece.

    • Seal the bottom of the soffit with drywall and caulk.

We want to thank ABX for giving us the space to launch the #ConstructionTrainingZone.

—ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX) is the largest building industry event in the Northeast. ABX presents new ideas to help architects, builders, and contractors stay competitive.

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