CEUs for Contractors: The What, How and Why of Thermal Envelope Improvements

February 16, 2023

PTC_ContinuingEducationTour_logo_white-72dpi_0.jpgPTC's Continuing Education Tour covers difficult new energy code requirements for roofs and walls

This award-winning collection of ProTradeCraft video resources was used in the Continuing Education classes, HIGH-PERFORMANCE BUILDING, taught in partnership with Northstar Associates, for the States of Minnesota and Wisconsin Contractor Certification February 16, 2023.

  1. Building Blocks of Building Science
  2. Airtight Walls in the Real World
  3. Four Superinsulated Walls
  4. Windows in Thick Walls
  5. Roof Improvements

Following the 40-45 minute classes are the individual videos, animations, podcasts, and articles used in the classes.

Also included at the bottom is info on the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

The Classes

1: The Building Blocks of Building Science

2: Airtight Walls in the Real World

3: Four Superinsulated Walls

4: Windows in Thick Walls

Answers to Questions asked after class

5: Roof Improvements

The 2021 Energy Code Minimums Are Even Steeper