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Even More Ecua-Doors

September 02, 2016
Image Credit
Fernando Pages Ruiz
Fernando Pages Ruiz

When I travel, I walk around and look at doors; better than peeking in windows, right?

UPDATED 8/28/16 with 19 additional photos and the following text:

Dan, here's a few more doors for your Ecuador file. Nothing special to say about this collection, except I run into beautiful doors every day and cannot help ogle and take snapshots. I’m especially enamored of the decrepit, old doors that have lost their utility but gained an artistic beauty that only time can paint. —Fernando

UPDATED 2/17/16 with the above Ecua-door and the following text:

Tropical colors on ordinary wood slats result in this extraordinarily vibrant apartment entry that would cheer anyone who knocks.

If you cringe, don't forget that even the most tight-lipped Englishman allows for a brightly colored doorway. How much more so in the tropics, where anything goes?

Original text:

These snapshots were taken on Saturday morning, walking around the colonial city center of Cuenca, Ecuador.

My wife, Martina, is peeking out of the last door—ours.


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