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Fastening a Ridge Cap to a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Use hemmed edges on the metal ridge cap to lock the metal roof assembly together, sealed tight against roof leaks
January 02, 2024

How to install a metal ridge cap on an unvented metal roof with standing seam panels, according to Union Corrugating Company, which is NOT a sponsor of ProTradeCraft (though we'd welcome them!). We're curating this video because we think it is useful, succinct, and clear.

How to install a ridge cap on a standing seam metal roof:

  • Field cut the z-closure to fit between the roofing panel ribs
  • Apply butyl tape sealant to bottom of z-closure
  • Install z-closure with pancake head wood screws three inches apart (min 4 screws per z-closure)
  • Apply sealant at edges of z-closure adjacent to panel legs
  • Cut a v-shape3d notch in the end of the ridge cap
  • Fold edges under to flush up the crotch of the notch
  • Install ridge cap by hooking hemmed edges onto z-closure
  • Install pop rivets into z-closure on both sides of ridge
  • Space rivets 18-inches apart the length of the ridge cap

For more information about roofing, flashing, and safety look at these links:

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