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Flashing The Top of a Standing Seam Metal Roof That Butts a Wall

Three options for flashing the standing seam metal roof panels into the wall
October 16, 2023

Installing a standing seam metal roof is a straightforward process for simple roofs like the one in this video by Union Corrugating, showing how to install endwall flashing with standing seam panels.

How to install the Z-closures at the top of standing seam metal roof panels

  • Install the z-closures.
  • Apply butyl tape sealant to the bottom of the z-closure.
  • Install z-closures with pancake head wood screws at 3" on center or a minimum of 4 per z-closure.
  • Field cut z-closures to fit between panel ribs.
  • Install screws 3 inches on center.
  • Apply tube sealant to the ends of the z-closure adjacent to the panel legs.
  • Hook the endwall trim to the z-closure.
  • Secure the endwall trim to the z-channel with pop rivets spaced 18" on center along the length of the trim.

Three options for counterflashing the endwall trim

OPTION 1: Surface Mounted Counterflashing

  • Fasten the counterflashing with customer-supplied anchors spaced 18 inches apart.
  • Apply tube sealant continuously along the counterflashing, generously filling the space between the flashing and the wall.

OPTION 2: Siding

  • Fasten the endwall trim with pancake head wood screws spaced 12" on center along the length of the trim.
  • The trim will be covered once the siding is installed.

OPTION 3: Reglet

  • Cut groove approximately 1" deep in masonry above trim to receive the reglet.
  • Reglet should be placed in the groove.
  • The groove should be filled with tube sealant.

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