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How to Drill a Curved Hole—Wait, What?

September 07, 2016

A flexible drill bit you can knock together in your shop

A blowtorch, flexible drive, sheet stock, and a spade bit make a mighty clever solution to running wire around corners in framed houses.

How Izzy does it:

  • Mark the radius of the corner on the sheet stock with a Sharpie. The radius should be somewhere in the middle of the corner depth you're cutting through.
  • Mark a pivot arm extending perpendicular from the curve toward the origin of the circle.
  • Cut the sheet stock along the curve and pivot arm.
  • Cut the head off a space bit, leaving about 1/4 inch of shaft.
  • Fasten the spade bit into the flexible drill shaft.
  • Fashion a collar from a length of tubing.
  • Heat and clamp the collar into place over the spade bit, allowing the bit to spin freely.
  • Weld the collar to the end of the sheet stock drill guide.
  • Mount the drilling contraption to a corner block such that it can rest against the corner framing.
  • Drill. Baby. Drill. As you drill, apply pressure to the rear lever of the drilling contraption

"Ha Ha!"

—Izzy Swan

—Izzy Swan is a woodworker and YouTuber from Charleston, S.C.

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