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The New Pella Window "Steady Set" Installation System (OMG!)

Adjustable metal clips and a spring at the head mean installing a Pella window from the inside is a breeze
June 10, 2024

A new Pella window innovation was unveiled at the 2024 PTC Live Demonstration Zone: installing a window just got easier and safer. No more climbing ladders with double-hungs or cranking-up pump jacks with large, heavy windows.

Inside brackets make it safe, an outer flashing flap makes it tight.

The Pella window Steady Set system has 4 innovative installation features

The flip-and-click installation brackets facilitate installation from the inside. Clips are made for 2x4 walls, 2x6 walls, or adjustable for different wall thicknesses.

The head stabilizer is a piece of spring steel attached to the head that puts downward pressure on the window when set into the rough opening so the window won't fall inward. The flip and clip brackets hold it from falling outward.

Pre-applied sill shims create a 1/4-inch gap, making space for a prybar, if needed.

The exterior flashing fin is made from durable plastic. It has a 3/8-inch gasket for wall variability, and a continuous corner seal keeps water out all the way around. The lower part of the fin has ridges for water drainage and, as a reminder, NOT to seal the bottom. 

Shim guides on the jambs help you locate shims properly and help hold them in place while you shim the window straight for a perfect trim reveal.

Other PTC Live Demonstration Zone videos:

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