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Peruvian Patinas of Local Building Materials

March 27, 2016
Read time: 1 min

Peruvian Patinas-cane fence


From the Earth, basic materials become the building blocks of home. Nature nurtures native spaces.


When traveling, I notice different textures of exterior finishes. Often I don’t know what kind of cane, wood, or stone I see, but I know it’s a type of veneer I've never seen before.

From the widespread use of adobe—which varies from place to place and ages so beautify, like wine with its terrier and vintage—to striking coral and volcanic stone, to exotic tropical woods I’m not sure one could legally export to the USA.

Here’s a handful of exterior textures that caught my eye in Mancora, Peru


— Fernando Pagés Ruiz is ProTradeCraft's Latin America Editor. He is currently building a business in Ecuador and a house in Mexico. Formerly, he was a builder in the Great Plains and Mountain States. He is author of Building an Affordable House and Affordable Remodel (Taunton Press).



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