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Roll-Out Tool Storage for Pickup Trucks That Leaves Room for Plywood

The Decked Pickup Truck Drawer System is heavy-duty, weather-resistant and relatively secure
September 05, 2023

In this video from ProToolReviews, Kenny Kohler explores a pickup truck tool storage option: the Decked Drawer System designed for pickup truck beds.

Unlike other pickup truck tool storage systems, Decked preserves truck bed utility by populating the space between the wheel wells. This means you can still slide full sheets of plywood over the wheel wells.

Installation is straightforward. Decked has models designed to perfectly fit specific truck models without drilling. Made with durable materials, the tool storage system holds up to 200 lbs per drawer and a ton of weight on top—literally up to 2,000 pounds on top. Four "ammo boxes" in the corners offer extra storage, but they are not weathertight like actual ammo boxes. Although not fully weatherproof, The rest of the toolbox is weather-resistant, easily handling a light rain. With a cap on the truck bed, there is very little reason to worry about rain.

Security includes tailgate closure and optional locks. also, a cap practically eliminates the tool box from view, acting as another tool storage security option.

Made in the USA, it is priced at $1449 with a lifetime warranty. Check truck model compatibility on their website.

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