Dan Morrison | April 05, 2018

Jobsite Handbook // Kitchens & Baths

Universal Design Handbook

Making a house easy to live in regardless of your age or ability seems like a good idea, but it is rarely done. Instead, houses are designed to 'typical' size/shape values for 'typical' people.

This collection helps break down the nuts and bolts of making kitchens and bathrooms safer and more comfortable for kids, parents, and grandparents—even teens!

Universal Design Videos

YouTube // Kitchens & Baths

How to Talk to Customers About Universal Design: Don’t

The secret to incorporating Universal Design features into a home's design.

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7 Universal Design Bathroom Upgrades

Make a bathroom more inclusive with simple design decisions

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Efficient Kitchen Design is Universal: 4 Rules

The room where everyone gravitates to should be able to handle the pull

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Universal Design and Kitchen Appliances

Universal design fixtures and appliances can make a kitchen easier to use, for all ages

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