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Bevel Siding Over an Arch Top Window with a Classic Pediment

Cut the siding long, scribe the arc, adjust the fit, cut to the final length, and nail it
April 12, 2023

The easy part of installing bevel siding is sticking it in a short run between two vertical trim pieces.

The trickier pieces go over a door, under an overhang, and between two trim pieces.

We already did a video about how to cut that piece; this video is about how to cut and install siding over an arched window with a classic pediment and keystone.

Like this one.

Fortunately for Sol, the pieces are short, so they’re easy to handle.

Notching bevel siding around the base of the window pediment

He begins by marking the bottom of the next piece. In this instance, he can measure the overall length because he still needs to notch out for the arch pediment.

There are two profiles to notch for, a flat profile and a bead along the inner edge.

The flat profile extends a little lower than the bead, so ne measures those distances from the bottom reference line.

He transfers those measurements to the workpiece and connects the dots. He traces the shape of the arc away from the straight line he drew, and he cuts out the excess.

He carves the arc to the line and cleans up the whiskers

He also cleans off some crusty old paint layers from the trim.

He slips the piece in place, marks the length, and asks David to trim it down for him.

Sol sticks in on the line and nails it.

Cut siding long to allow fitting the arc and refining the length

"I've cut the siding three times, and it's STILL too short."

Now that we’re into the arc, Sol needs to know where the top of the next course is so that he can get an overall measurement. He marks the bottom at each end and holds a scrap of siding to the marks, and scribes the top of the next course.

Now he can pull a number that will let the siding lay over the arc for scribing.

He butts the siding against the corner board and holds the face of it over the arced pediment to trace the shape on the face of the siding.

He cuts it up on the scaffold with a jigsaw.

Sticking it in place reveals a couple of adjustments that are needed: to the cruddy old layers of paint on the pediment and to the short point of the cut.

At this point, it’s just a matter of continuing to do what it is that he has been doing for other earlier part of the video: mark, measure, scribe, cut, fit, and nail it.

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