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Four Forgotten Woodworking Joints

March 25, 2017

First-time attempts at joints this woodworker has never seen before

Looking through an old book, Carpentry & Joinery Illustrated by Paul Hasluck, Joey Chalk decides to try a few and film the first attempts for us to watch.

1. Double-forked joint (2:18)

The verdict: Incredibly strong and reasonably attractive. Suitable for timber construction or furniture making.

2. Doweled Angle Joint (5:30)

The verdict: Again, a really strong joint, even before glue. The dowels hold it perfectly square.

"Really good to get that mitered finish without having to fiddle around with trying to keep everything square."

3. Foxtail Tenon (7:39)

This is a wedged tenon joint, but the wedge is hidden inside the joint. When you hammer the tenon into the mortise, you hammer the wedge into the tenon.

The verdict: Not really sure if this is a practical joint, or what its application in reality would be. Certainly is a one-time shot, which "most woodworkers would not like..."

4. Secret Lap Dovetail (12:10)

The verdict: It seems stiffer diagonally than a normal dovetail, but he's not sure when he'd ever use it due to the visible end grain

—Joey Chalk is a woodworker and YouTuber in New Zealand

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