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How to Make Woodshop Storage for Fasteners, Small Parts, and Jigs

April 17, 2020
Read time: 1 min

Cover a wall with boxes of shop-made drawers, and French cleat hanging space for jigs

Frank is taking advantage of a stay-at-home order to clean up a wall next to his CNC machine. 

Using an elaborate system of French cleats, he hangs large boxes with small drawers far enough apart to create hanging storage on the sides of the boxes.

The secret to an elaborate French cleat system? Gang-cutting and jigs. Patience help, too.

He also uses the side cleats as shelf supports using a 45-degree dovetail router bit.

The spaces are customizable to whatever stuff needs to be stored. 

That basically does it for part one of this excursion. Frank will be back when he figures out exactly what's going where.


—Frank Howarth is an architect, woodworker, and YouTuber


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