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The Model ReModel Show: A Humpy Bumpy Foundation

May 30, 2020

Floor layout and framing, some good news from the building inspector, and a pleasant surprise on the adhesive front

Episode 3: Floor Framing

Last time on the Model Remodel Show, we were taking the house down to the bare foundation—At least as far as we could

"So that we'd fall still within the criterea of a remodel."

This meant leaving a couple of walls and framing a house around them.

They began by cutting the roof into sections and plucking it off the walls, which they then picked up and carted away, before cutting up the floor and removing it too.

And that’s where we pick up this week on Professional Remodeler’s 2017 Model Remodel.

This week, they want to frame and sheathe the floor and get ready for wall framing next time.

"We had our first inspection for our foundation with the official who is going to be inspecting the rest of out project, and we were kind of nervous to see how that went.

And he came in and made the funny comment of 'You're not going to keep those three walls, are you?';

Which I replied 'Well, we're keeping them to meet your local statutes to qualify as a remodel.' to which he replied 'Oh, absolutely not. Take those down, go right ahead and do whatever you need top do...'

So, we're starting off on a really great foot with the local official."

The challenge being this week's challenge is that the foundation is old, humpy, and out of square.

So there's that.

Humpy old foundations can be a crummy starting point for level floors. To make sure the floor framing is level, Ben shims the mudsills using a level transit.

To reduce the effects of out of level corners and big humpy bumps, he uses extra thick mudsills that can be half-lapped at the corners, which are screwed together to create a stable structure less prone to variations.

He staples the sill seal to the bottom of the mudsill before laying it down, and the masons fill the gaps under the mudsill with mortar.

Now we have a solid flat foundation for floor framing.

"We have a really nice square level foundation that we're working off of. The floor deck went in really well with TJIs, There's a little bit of prep with them, but you can make some speed with it.

We made a couple of choices to speed things up, we went with a single-piece center beam vs. handling multiple laminations of LVLs which we were able to swing into place in one piece with the excavator.

Established out layout as far as any plumbing that we needed to accommodate, worked off the layout to set the joist hangers, prepped the TJIs, and then just rolled right through setting our TJIs and rim boards."

The rim joist is an integral part of the air barrier system because it is a place where a lot of materials come together. Ben seals the rim to the plate and the other rims at the corners.

And now they can install some Advantech subfloor

"We were happy to be using AdvanTech for our subflooring, AdvanTech is our subflooring of choice on all of our projects.

New for us on this installation is we got to try the new aerosol canned adhesive.

All in all, after using it today, we're going to keep using it. "​

With the sheets down, whacked, and gapped, the sheets are screwed down, for a squeak-free floor.

"All in all, we're in pretty good shape timeline-wise. I'm not feeling stressed over it.

Next week we're going to be taking down those three walls and the floor system off that section of the house. There's some question as to what we're going to find, but we have a couple of strategies, depending on what we find.

At that point we'll be handing it over to the masons to do the prep work for us to do our sills on that section. While they are handling that end of the building, we're going to start standing some walls using Zip R12 2-1/2 in insulated sheathing.

The goal is to have all of the exterior walls and floor system complete by the end of next week, we have our structural truss delivery on Friday, so we'd be in good shape at the end of the week if we can hit those..."

—The Model Remodel Show is a production of the SGC Horizon Media Network and was shot on location at the 2017 Model Remodel project in southern Connecticut.

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