PRO Picks: Kleer Konceal Trim Boards

August 8, 2018



Eliminate the need for j-channel while boosting the appearance of vinyl siding


On site at the 2017 Model Remodel, master carpenter Ben Bogie, of Built to Last Design and Build, talks about discovering a trim board that does what he wants it to.



"One of the things that, personally, I don't like about vinyl siding and a lot of clients notice it, is J-channel.

You can immediately tell a house that has vinyl siding from the road because you'll see all the J-channel around everything. For a handful of years now we've been rabbeting the back sides of our trim in order to lose the need for having that J-channel and kind of building our own integrated J-channel into the trim.

It was a real happy surprise for me when I discovered that Kleer is producing an exterior trim, that already has that rabbet done for us. It cuts out a lot of labor time and saves us a bunch of money, to achieve that same clean look.

Another thing that's a really nice option from Kleer are these pre-made corners with the integrated rabbet on the back side to replace your J-channel.

Doing long, mitered corners out of PVC onsite or even in the shop, can be frustrating. It's always tough to get these little razor edges nice and tight.

Really happy to see these pre-made corners. They're really nice and they're really clean.

Tremendous time saver, tremendous quality in the finished look, and all in all, we're really happy to see these and we'll be continuing to use them."

—Ben Bogie, Built to Last Design and Build, New Milford, CT


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