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Vinyl Siding Secret: Let Cool Vinyl Warm Up

January 26, 2018

Work WITH thermal properties of a material, not against them

It’s no secret that vinyl expands when it gets warm. There are a lot of installation tricks designed to account for it, but you can tilt the odds in your favor other ways, too.

Ben Bogie had a quick tip while we were shooting on location at the 2017 Model remodel project.

"If you have cool nights, and it's going to be a hot day, it's not a bad idea to open up some of the cases of siding, and spread them out a little bit, to let them warm up.
If you have cold vinyl that has been chilled from the night before and you start putting it on a wall and the sun hits it, it can grow quite a bit and you can run into issues..."
—Ben Bogie
—This tip was collected onsite at Professional Remodeler's 2017 Model Remodel project in southern Connecticut.
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