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Consider the Locals in Your Design — Mud Daubers, in This Case

December 03, 2015

It's the little things

Jonathan Fishbeck, of BuilderFish, explains how good choices in ventilation materials can keep pests from taking up residence in critical wall locations.


The first thing we do on any project is we study the environment in which we're building — specifically the weather and wildlife, including insects.

The reason that insects are important is because they can get into the little parts of the breathability on a wall and muck it up. They can just nullify and void everything that we are trying to accomplish with our water and air movement.

In this case, we've used a specific composite vent which is going to allow us to have air and water movement forever through the assembly because mud daubers can't get into it and clog it.

Ed's note: We asked BuilderFish what vent product they use at the base of the wall and project manager Scott Mullins sent a photo of the WeepVent label:

Todd Hawkins, president of BuilderFish added:

What one would use elsewhere depends on the native bugs, the main thing is to avoid the standard pinkie finger-sized hole that can easily be clogged by nesting insects.

BuilderFish (Fine Innovative Sustainable Homes) specializes in private service of estates and dream homes in Northern Virginia.

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